Maddie Ziegler – Biography

Maddie Ziegler – Biography

Born in 2002 (September 30).

Maddie has been the favorite dancer of Abby Lee Miller for all the years since the show on television.
Apparently, at least so it appears, this has meant that other mothers complain of Abby’s predilection for Maddie.
Maddie Ziegler dreams of becoming a famous dancer or choreographer on Broadway and appears to have the talent to do it.
Madison Nicole Ziegler is his real name, although people known as Maddie from Dance Moms.
Maddie descends Poles, Germans and Italians and their parents divorced in 2001. His father is a business and they lived in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

In 2008, participated in the programna Maddie television Live to Dance, Paula Abdul, although his participation was never transmitted to air the program was canceled before.
Two years later, Maddie able to form part of the cast of DanceMoms. This program would transmit daily routine elite team of the Academy of Abby Lee Miller and also fights and pressures from their mothers.

Maddie has participated as a dancer in several music videos, which have managed to get millions of hits on YouTube.
He also landed a role in the program DropDead Diva, appearing in an episode.
Maddie also has modeled for many major brands, including Ralph Laurent.
Maddie has a little-known facet: involved in philanthropic activities to help sick children.

Nor is it known that she was called Taylor the first two days of his life.

Melissa is the mother of Maddie and displayed in the show as an ally of Abby, a DanceMoms mothers that less confronts Abby, on the contrary, always trying to please. Although not due to it having success as a dancer Maddie.

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Much has been made and many have been wondering what the dancers of Dance Moms tien greater opportunity for career after Dance Moms and most will reply that Maddie is one of the strongest candidates, not only as a dancer, but modeling or acting .

There are rumors that some filmmakers and television are targeting for future projects.

Dance Moms is a program that focuses on the battle between mothers for their daughters stand at dances and skills, which has caused the public to some extent, to join the debate and Maddie has always been favorite the public.
So many will predict a successful career once finished Dance Moms. Especially if they make Maddie sing.