Christina “Christi” Lukasiak

Christina “Christi” Lukasiak


Christina “Christi” Lukasiak is Chloe’s mother and wife Clara and Marc Lukasiak.

In the program, Christi shown as someone who constantly question the decisions of Abby Lee Miller and victimizes (rightly or wrongly) for many decisions Abby Miller.
It seems that Christi has no information on the characteristic style used by demanding high performance coaches. Well if I had some knowledge about the classic way a coach athletes or high performance artists behaves, not escanalizaria by Abby Miller attitudes.

Even very renowned directors of symphony orchestras often have (like the filmmakers) a style that maintains a very high pressure. It seems that Christi, with few academic background, believes this figure Abby invention strict coach. And this puts frantic and crying too often … so frequent whining that they should not do good to his own daughter.

Christi, apparently without advanced studies, he had the franchise Stretch-N-Grow in Pittsburgh, who was a fitness for children. But his weakness in dealing with this business I take to fail.

Christi had wanted to be a dancer as a child, but his difficult childhood stopped him. It seems difficult childhood that prevents him also encourage Chloe without a fight.

There are plenty of episodes in which Christi, who believes he is defending his daughter, actually ends up causing great fights and arguments, which ultimately reflected in the sad face of Chloe.

On the other hand, the appearance of another participant named Apples, who called “nose” Christi has also meant another powerhouse dramas Dance Moms.

The summary would Christi, who always complains about his difficult childhood, a life still do not know where otherwise handled, rather than permanent conflict.

It is perhaps the best example of how a difficult childhood causes a person to go through life, constantly creating complicated situations. Perhaps “complicated” is her maiden name.

Maddie ever declare that all this supposed rivalry with Chloe is fictitious and that even among mothers rivalkidad is the product of a script and has little to do with reality.

Whether or not something that is set in the script, the point is that fights Christi and Abby are one of the hallmarks of Dance Moms and many people take sides for one or the other, and who follow the show as a soap opera, dfendiendo your favorite.

Too bad that the program should focus, among other things, Chloe’s talent rather Christi fights.

What is certain is that Dance Moms has been a success, largely because of those fights.